Neon signs are the classic stand out sign. The technology allows you to be very creative in how your sign stands out. 

Neon is glass tubing filled with gas so giving a variety of colours. The tubing is bent under heat to give you the shape of the lettering.

You can include graphics with a fabricated outer shape of your logo in acrylic, printed onto translucent vinyl and laminated to the face of the logo shape with neon tubing inside. A back lit logo.

If you want large internally lit letters with chunky thickness, then we fabricate the letters out of acrylic and/or aluminium with translucent faces of any colour and install neon tubing inside the letters. A brilliant sign!

With illuminated neon signs, we can install a timer so that it lights up on cue.

With straight neon tubing signs, we can also install a flasher unit so that the sign goes on and off continuously attracting even more attention. Councils don't like them on traffic intersections though!

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Many thanks to Harley and the Signtech team for their commitment to provide exceptional service and quality on an unyielding programme for the recent Leighton Construction Pty Ltd project.
— Stefan Szyczew, Leighton Construction Pty Ltd



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