Directory signage list tenants and their floor levels. They may be solid free standing structures with lighting in behind the detail or simply mounted on the wall.

Business Park directory signage are usually free standing structures at the entrance to the park showing the location of the particular business on a map of the area. These may also have internal illumination.

Lobby Wall Mounted Directories

The most attractive directory is that produced by S2K for the sign trade. It is slim line and of satin anodised aluminium. The individual slats per tenant may be split with one section for a directional arrow or level number and the other for the tenant's name. The details on the slats are usually in computer cut vinyl film but if your budget allows it, engraved. Other metal directory types are of course available. Some are in a brass finish.

Glass or Clear Acrylic Directories

These directories are very appealing and are simply a panel of glass or very thick clear acrylic spaced off the wall with stainless steel fittings. The detail of the tenants is on the back or front pf the panel. If on the back for protection, the panel has to be removed every time there is a change which of course adds cost.

Business Parks Directories

These directories may be in the form of a double pylon sign with individual metal panels showing the tenants details/logo. They may also be stone structures with tenant details listed on perhaps a stainless steel panel and recessed into the stone work.

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