• Translucent graphics for office glazing
  • Printed artist canvas for wall and ceiling images
  • Interior design

Signtech can produce images (with text if required) 5 metres wide x 30 metres long. The results are extraordinary. The images tend to open up the area and make it appear larger.

The uses include:

  • Office meeting rooms where privacy is required
  • Cafes for a striking interior design feature wall
  • Reception areas for striking effect
  • Hotels
  • Retail shops
  • Food outlets
  • Anyone requiring a striking feature wall

The main types of material are:

  • 100% clear, translucent vinyl film.
  • Artist Canvas.
  • Synthetic artist canvas (Digitex).
  • PVC vinyl banner material.
  • Opaque vinyl film.

Translucent Graphics for Office Glazing

This product lets in light to meeting rooms for example, but enables privacy within. Glazing panels come in a maximum of 1100mm wide. They are joined up with silicon. Translucent vinyl film is available in 1350mm wide rolls, so we print the graphics to suit the glass panel widths, ensuring accurate registration from panel to panel.

You can print any image you want, in colour or black and white.

Printed Artist (and Synthetic) Canvas for Wall and Ceiling Interior Design

This is where large format digital printing really comes into play. The material comes 3 and 5 metres wide and so satisfies the height of most ceilings (2.7 metres). We installed printed Digitex at Fleur Wood's new outlet at The Strand, Sydney, which had just over 4 metre high ceilings.

There are no joins in the image as there is with wall paper. It is installed in one piece.

The printed material can be coated with a clear graffiti shield so enabling easy removal of marks. This protected the images we installed in the toilets of a Sydney restaurant.

And the images can be changed without damage to the wall when they are installed using the SnapTex system. You could change the image in your reception area every 6 months for example (SnapTex is a 10mm profiled plastic extrusion that is fixed to the outer edge of the wall; just like a frame. The printed image is stretched over the frame of the SnapTex and neatly secured so that none of the extrusion can be seen.)

And you can add sound proofing by adding fibre in between the image and the wall.

The printed Digitex may also be installed in a ceiling as it is a lighter material.

Signtech printed a cathedral ceiling image and installed it in the ceiling of a restaurant in Hornsby, NSW.

Flexible and striking, it's a great product!

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