Small, medium, large and huge. Up to 5 metres wide x 30 metres long without joins. Any colour and any graphics and text. We digitally print straight to the banner material. We can manufacture according to the attachment needs you have.

Construction sites use banners extensively for their hoardings.

If you require large quantities of the same graphics and text, we would screen print the banners for you as it is more economical.

There are generally three types:

  • PVC Heavy Duty Vinyl
    These are solid material and so if there is a wind factor, we will cut wind flaps at various points for stability.
  • Breeze Cloth
    These are of tight mesh PVC vinyl so allow the wind to blow.
  • Trilobal Material
    These banners are of a very light weight material used mainly for flags. They can also be hung inside business windows to attract attention for a sale or similar.

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Many thanks to Harley and the Signtech team for their commitment to provide exceptional service and quality on an unyielding programme for the recent Leighton Construction Pty Ltd project.
— Stefan Szyczew, Leighton Construction Pty Ltd



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